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Marijuana DUI crashes in Illinois rise

Many recent crashes in Illinois suggest that pot users think it’s safe to drive after toking, or they simply don’t care.  Prior to the decriminalization of marijuana, Illinois experienced less than 1000 vehicle deaths each year.  In 2016, the year of marijuana decriminalization, traffic deaths rose to 1078. In 2017, 1091 people died from fatal crashes on Illinois roads, and 1038 died in 2018. 

With decriminalization, Illinois raised the marijuana limit from zero THC  to 5 ng of THC.   When politicians talk of decriminalization or legalization, they signal to the public a belief that pot is harmless.

On May 31, the day legislators passed a legalization bill, Erik McKay drove recklessly and killed a passenger, Continue reading Marijuana DUI crashes in Illinois rise

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Hit-and-run crashes on rise; 3 girls and one adult die

3 Girl Scouts killed and adult killed in alleged hit-and-run

A hit-and-run driver killed three Girl Scouts and an adult supervisor who were picking up trash along a Wisconsin highway.  Wausau ABC affiliate WAOW reported the incident. The driver turned himself in …later.

The marijuana proponents tell their friends to run – because they know the THC level leaves the blood (but NOT the brain) very fast – losing 80-90% from the blood within the first hour after smoking.

BUT an oral saliva test is positive for longer and should be performed in ALL of these cases…. immediately.

Are pedestrians targeted by drivers?

Another hit-and-run incident occurred in Colorado on Halloween.  The crash seriously injured a 15-year-old girl who was trick-or treating.  On Saturday, authorities arrested Kaitlin Golden who told them she thought she hit a deer.

The #1 cause of driving fatalities is drugged driving (NOT alcohol alone driving).  The number one agent after alcohol is marijuana.

Back in Wisconsin, a fourth Girl Scout remains in the hospital, in  critical condition.  The girls, fourth graders,  wore brightly colored vests which could easily be seen.

Colton Treu, 21, of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, allegedly left the scene, but later surrendered to authorities and was arrested, WAOW reported.  The crash occurred late Saturday morning in the village of Lake Hallie, about 95 miles east of Minneapolis.

Deadly week for children

The incident comes at the end of a particularly deadly week for children hit by cars.

In the deadliest crash, three siblings died when they were hit by a pickup truck while boarding a bus in Rochester, Indiana, on Tuesday. A 9-year-old was struck and killed while crossing the street to board a bus in northern Mississippi on Wednesday, and a second-grader in Pennsylvania was killed when struck by a vehicle at a bus stop on Thursday.   We mourn the loss of these children.

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DUID Deaths are Reason to Vote No on Marijuana

Last year in Michigan, Henry MacDougall, 16, of Ludington had been “dabbing” marijuana and then crashed the car he was driving.  He died instantly.  Henry’s dad Gordon Mac Dougall, as well as Detroit city leaders, urge voters to vote no on marijuana legalization in Michigan, where DUID traffic deaths related to marijuana are a problem.

In July, 21- year-old Jacob Scot Damron  drove high, killing newlyweds Hannah and Jacob Allbaugh. He a was arraigned Oct. 23 in Allegan County District Court on multiple felonies, including operating while intoxicated causing death and reckless driving causing death.

One quarter of the traffic fatalities in Colorado and Washington, the first states to legalize marijuana, involve a driver under the the influence of THC.  Continue reading DUID Deaths are Reason to Vote No on Marijuana

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Texas Marijuana User Involved in Deadly Bus Crash

(Source: Texas Department of Public Safety)

Thirteen Died Because of Young Drug Abuser

The driver who rammed into a Texas church tour bus last year had  marijuana and Clonazepam in his system. He drove his pickup truck erratically and killed 13 passengers in the bus. The National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) report said that both marijuana and the prescription medication are depressants, and could magnify the effects when taken together. Continue reading Texas Marijuana User Involved in Deadly Bus Crash

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