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We have published 116 amazing testimonies that have been submitted to us.  They are divided into Parent testimonies; Adults looking back; Teen and young adult testimonies and testimonies from Canada.  We publish stories if your write to [email protected], and you may remain anonymous.

Here’s a sampling of some of the most alarming stories from each group here.

Johnny’s Story

A Father’s Warning about Chris’s short and tragic life

Weaponized Marijuana of Today

Who Said No One Ever Died from Marijuana

We were blinded by the weed

The Unraveling of Ryan

Dabbing and Addiction

How Marijuana Led to Heroin

Redemption and Recovery

Marijuana and Domestic Violence — a testimony

There’s 2 stories from adults, writing about their parents’ pot use.   “My Dad Will Never Stop Smoking Pot” in The Atlantic, 1 /15/ 2014.

Growing up with stoner parents

My Son’s Psychiatric Surprise

How I Missed the Signs

The Dark Side of Marijuana

I wish we hadn’t moved here

I smoked marijuana for love

Here’s the story of 3 different young people, all of whom are addicted to marijuana.  The video is by MTV.


There are a lot of marijuana horror stories and some are afraid to share because of the backlash from the marijuana community which projects a cult-like aura.  If you want the story published anonymously, we will honor your request.

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