Drug Policy

Parents Opposed to Pot does not support the legalization of marijuana, or the rescheduling of marijuana.  Nearly a decade of marijuana commercialization in Colorado and Washington gives  an informed perspective that the policy of legalization failed.

We believe that states that have legalized adult use of marijuana need to repeal it. The tax money does not make the social costs. Legalizing and commercializing marijuana should not be a states’ rights issue, even if the federal government doesn’t enforce its laws.

We don’t take a position on decriminalization, but ask our supporters to explore the position statements of SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) and AALM (Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana) for education on this matter.  Read our past articles:

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Social Justice Issues

Inequalities in the justice system are not caused by drug laws, and they are not unique to drug laws.  Certainly wealthy criminals can afford to hire topnotch defense attorneys, while low income defendants cannot.

Legalizing drugs is the wrong way to address issues of unequal justice, such the higher rate of arrests for black and brown citizens, relative to their rates of usage, than whites. We concede that arresting people for possession of marijuana is not the best way to educate them about the true dangers of this drug.

 Legalization enables more drugs, and more drugs cause more criminal behavior.  Other means of criminal justice reform are possible, such as diversion and drug courts, which can help people without resources.

We don’t take a stand on the expungement of records for marijuana, due to the great variation in states’ laws.

Schedule I Designation

We believe marijuana must remain in a Schedule I classification, the same designation for heroin.  Schedule I is for drugs that have a high potential for abuse. Several agencies of government reviewed the designation multiple times.  Scientists in these agencies keep coming to the same conclusion:  Marijuana is a Schedule I drug.



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