We believe that much of the homelessness problems in the United states can be erased by rescinding marijuana legalization. States would need to follow federal law again, and this policy would need to be coupled with primary Drug Prevention as national policy.  

Our recent article on homelessness demonstrates that the problem is much greater in states that have legalized marijuana. The problem has reached unprecedented proportions in West Coast Cities. These cities also emphasize Harm Reduction in preference to addiction treatment.

Many videos are out on the west coast problems in Portland, San Francisco and Seattle.

Drug Prevention and Treatment must replace Harm Reduction as the major national drug policy.

The Emerald Triangle of northern California has a long-time marijuana industry.  Cannabis replaced the logging and fishing industries as the major source of income after the state legalized medical marijuana in 1996.  The multitude of social problems in this region give insight into how nationwide legalization would affect the United States. 


Bursting the Bubble of Marijuana Hype