Violence and Crime

Why does the United States have more crime than many other parts of the world? The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population and about 56-60% of the illicit drug users.  In some cities more than 50% of crimes are committed by criminals high on pot. Marijuana is the drug most frequently connected to crime.  

Many of our major social problems could be reduced if we eliminated the widespread usage of marijuana, especially teen violence.   Many of our mass murderers and terrorists were heavy marijuana users and/or used at a young age, including the Parkland Shooter and Devin Patrick Kelley who shot 26 at a church in Texas.

Several young men who killed their family members, irrationally and without obvious provocation, were heavy pot users, including Dakota Theriot.

There’s a correlation between marijuana usage and domestic violence.  Early, frequent marijuana use before age 21 is predictive of domestic partner violence in adulthood, especially for women who end up in abusive relationships.

Stopping youthful usage of pot will go a long way to making a safer, less violent society!  #Futures Without Violence and #PreventChildAbuseAmerica, the United States will not make progress to end child abuse and domestic violence unless we end drug usage, beginning with marijuana. Pot is involved in many child abuse deaths because users become psychotic and/or violent.

An extraordinarily high percentage of murderers are pot users.  It’s not always clear if this happens because of 1) pot induced-psychosis  2) inability to cope with the normal ups and downs of life after longtime pot use or 3) the lack of empathy and numbing of the conscience caused by marijuana usage.

Reports from three states show marijuana is the drug most often connected to child abuse deaths. Read our 6-part series to the children who have died since the vote to legalize marijuana in 2012.  If we curbed marijuana usage among parents, incidences of child abuse and death could be less frequent. Several infants have died in hot cars, or drowned. Infant and toddler deaths have also  been caused by fires related to parents’ pot use.

Bursting the Bubble of Marijuana Hype