Setting the Record Straight: Dabbing and Addiction

(An anonymous testimony) Hopefully, the truth can save people. Our son tried dabbing and got so addicted he could not function enough to work, or go to school. He has just completed a recovery program which cost our family roughly $90,000. Of course, we think he is worth it, but that was an unbelievably stressful experience for our entire family  — siblings included — to endure.

DABBING IS ADDICTIVE AND RUINS LIVES. Do not be fooled and sucked into the money-making machine!  Dabbing gives the quick high and is so easy to use that teens are attracted to it. Someone wants to sell you a product so they tell you there is “no danger.” Their information is false.  Of course, the people making money want you to believe there is no danger.   Do not believe their hype that you are hearing about “no ill health effects.”   (“Dabbing is to marijuana, as crack is to cocaine,” is how we described it in a previous article.)

How much research has been done on the long-term effects of dabbing? Little or none! As a parent of a son who stopped functioning while dabbing, we wanted to help him if he wanted to stop. Now three months clean, he is still slow in his thinking.  We are not sure if he may have done long-term damage. The recovery program explained that he may recover, but they are unsure.

You only get ONE brain in life. People need functioning brains to live life to the fullest.  Why would you compromise it or take the chance of inflicting long-term damage to it?  Not to mention, the devastating financial consequences to your family who pays for the recovery program.

When you have seen your loved one stop functioning, unable to work or go to school, you will understand. No moral judgement. Just sadness that the next generation is being sold a complete lie that there are no ill effects of weed or dabbing. We paid a large part of our retirement money to a recovery program to help our son when he was addicted.   Let’s hope he stays clean.

(See another, previous article we published on dabbing, and one in Vice.)  If you do not want your child to live a life dependent on others to provide food and shelter, please protect him/her from this horrible practice of dabbing.