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We were blind, and our daughter is blinded by the weed

Blind to the ravages of marijuana addiction

I wanted to share my story about what my family has been through with a child addicted to marijuana. Yes, addicted. I get very, very angry when these self-righteous people claim that we are the uneducated ones, that it is not addictive and that more people die from prescription drugs than have ever been harmed by marijuana.

My daughter is 19 years old. At the age of 12 she started smoking weed because of the group she hung out with, and because she felt it helped to ease her anxiety.  At first, her dad and I had no idea.

We didn’t smell it and the only reason we knew is because a mutual friend of hers was caught at school and claimed may daughter  smoked it too. I was very angry–how dare she accuse my child?

My daughter of course denied it and I believed her. The beginning of her manipulation.

She always suffered from anxiety; it runs in the family. In hindsight I never really picked up on why she refused traditional medication, why she had verbally violent outbursts and why the anxiety seemed to be getting worse.

Addicted to marijuana

By the time we figured out how long she’d been smoking, almost 3 years had gone by. We felt so stupid. But kids are very good at hiding it. They will lie, steal and manipulate to get you not to notice. I suspected but didn’t want to see it.

Now at 19, my daughter has had violent meltdowns, her anxiety is off the chart and her mental growth stunted. She was a champion bowler, California youth champion at 15 and stopped bowling completely.

She barely graduated high school, and it’s taken almost a year to get her to even hold a regular job. Her self-esteem is in the toilet and she has delusions that no one cares about her, making up stories that she actually believes. She’s irrational and with her on her clothes is the constant reminder of why.

The stench of that damned weed.

I’ve posted before about this and have been told maybe my daughter just acts the way she does because I’m a shitty parent.’s our fault, right? It’s never the drug’s fault.

Talk to your children, tell them that this drug will damage their brain when smoked at a young age, my daughter is absolute proof. Her younger sister has seen the effects and thank God wants no part of it. Don’t look the other way.  Your kid may hate you,  but fight for them and their health!

Contributed by a concerned parent from California.

Thank you for sharing.