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Opinion: Let’s face up to marijuana’s toll on kids before it’s too late

An opinion from Colorado

By Robin Noble

It was prom night 2018, but my teenager wouldn’t be putting on a tuxedo. He had been throwing up since dawn. 

His low back was aching, a sign of kidney distress. He needed to go to the ER. It would be our 11th trip in just over nine months. I found myself hesitating because, at about $8,000 a visit, even with insurance the costs were severe.

My son was suffering from cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS). Once rare, the condition is being seen increasingly in Colorado and other states that have legalized marijuana. It includes intractable vomiting and, strangely, compulsive hot water bathing. Continue reading Opinion: Let’s face up to marijuana’s toll on kids before it’s too late

Trigger warning on suicide and social pressure to do pot

I can say that marijuana can make you very suicidal and sad!

My first time and only time I’ve smoked dabs and marijuana was the time I was pure pressured by my mother and brother.

Back story — I’m really against marijuana due to the fact of this product making people very lazy and not being able to hold a conversation with someone who is high. My mother and brother thought it would’ve been a good thing for me to do so I’m not so judging on someone getting high.

When I smoked marijuana for the first time I did it from a pipe and my mom was like you have to do it a couple times….. hmm?…. how can something be so “healthy” if it burns? Then my brother made me do a dab pen.  I could not breathe, I kept coughing, it burned my lungs so bad and they thought it was funny.

My husband was extremely mad at my family once this stuff kicked in.  I was so suicidal if someone told me to jump off the roof I would’ve done it in minutes. I could not hear people talking to me due to things zooming up on me.

First I don’t understand how someone can drive or do this every single day.

Second my mom told me that I didn’t feel that way because weed makes you happy.

My brother did the same thing to my 15-year-old sister locked her into the room with him when my parents were sleeping and made her smoke weed.  She got really sick and couldn’t go to work the next day and got fired my mother gave her guilt trip saying it wasn’t my brothers fault but hers because she didn’t scream.

Webinar to educate on the One-Year Anniversary of Johnny’s Death

On Friday, November 20, Laura Stack presented the story of Johnny Stack, via webinar, on the first anniversary of his death.  Her presentation, A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Death – How High-THC Marijuana Took My Son, and How to Keep it from Happening to You, was powerful and moving!

Johnny was thirteen, almost fourteen, when Colorado legalized marijuana.  He, like many other adolescents, thought the state’s normalization and promotion of this drug meant it was safe.

Unfortunately, Johnny took to “dabbing,” using the most potent form of marijuana.  He experienced psychosis, mental health issue and ultimately took his life, despite being a brilliant student.  His mother, Laura, and other family members started, Johnny’s Ambassadors.

Laura explains dabbing with great clarity, finding it amazing how much parents do not know.   We warned about dabbing six years ago, but the country hasn’t learned yet.

We’ve been sounding the alarm for almost six years, and it’s unfortunate that too many casualties occurred in the meantime. Laura’s testimony was published here.

A Poem in honor of International Survivors Of Suicide Loss Day

Suicide, such a loss.                                                                                           Marijuana taking our children, oh at what a cost!

Grieving, yet driven, to let all be told. There’s a price to be paid, all is not gold!

Mothers and Fathers are hurting, yet staying strong, to spread the word. Marijuana can be dangerous, it’s hurting our world.

Pain relief is great, except when it starts to abate. Then the demons take over, for some it’s too late!

Mental health and marijuana, “Buyer Beware”, it’s got a bite to take your life, not even all of the Doctors are aware.

Science is talking, but many people don’t care. The almighty buck, they’re taking more than their share.

Please start to pay attention, it’s taking our land, killing off nature, and placing a line in the sand.

It’s ok to want help, to be free from the pain. But let’s work together to research, to find the best plan.

Please, please remember, there’s families grieving all around the land, another child buried, help us to take a stand!!

By Sharon Southard  11-20-2020

In memory of Tyler Southard who died on July 28, 2018, and the other parents who shared a memory of their sons who died because of marijuana-related suicides.

                     Plus all the families and children remembered here and on the website.   Shane’s story, as well as Andy’s storyes, and all the other stories.    

A special thank you, Sharon, and a shout out to all the other parents who have the courage to share your story.