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Is marijuana really safer than alcohol? Today, we tackle this common misconception with the following thought provoking facts. Check out our new video (please share!), and the below links to some relevant research, parent testimonials, and PopPot’s excellent blog posts on this important topic.

Think Ya Know: Is Marijuana Safer than Alcohol?

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Think Ya Know if Your Child is Using Marijuana?

Today, PopPot is launching our new Think Ya Know? campaign with the question, is your child using marijuana? Below and on our blog, are videos, testimonies and a helpful list of ‘warning signs’ to look for if you suspect your child, teen or loved one may be using pot.

An Oregon mother describes the shock of realizing her son was using marijuana, and tells of some of the negative consequences.

A California mom lamented to that she was blind to her teen girl’s cannabis use. This is such a common problem. We know that early intervention to keep your child away from drugs is crucial. So here are the resources parents need now.

Learn the Warning Signs of Child Drug Use

Click Here for the Downloadable Handout:

PopPot Warning Signs of Child Drug Use

What Teens Think

Other Resources for Parents

The new Parent Movement 2.0 toolkit also offers helpful resources for parents grappling with a child’s drug use.

Parents who lost a child to Fentanyl started an opioid charity and share their story.

Hidden in Plain Sight (below) is a long video about the warning signs of teen drug use.

Join us October 1-3 in Washington DC for our Voices of Truth rally
in support of those harmed by marijuana.
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Perspectives from Two Moms

Today  is 420 and it’s a hard day for Sally Schindel.  Four years ago Sally explained in the following video.

Sally has written other testimonies for us,  An Open Letter to the Person who Called me a Failed Parent and Who Said No one Ever Died from Marijuana

I’m a mom. I’m sick of this in-your-face cannabis culture

By Robin Finn, published in the Los Angeles Times, April 17, 2020

Parent’s Perspective — A few weeks before COVID-19 became national news, I went to a cannabis dispensary for the first time with my friend Amy who lives in New York City. They don’t have cannabis dispensaries there. It amazed me that we had something in Los Angeles that New York City didn’t have.

The shop we visited looked like a cross between an Apple store and Dylan’s Candy Bar. It had edibles and topicals and tinctures, all colorfully packaged and labeled in bright colors. Little piles of marijuana leaves were laid out in glass cases and labeled with names like “Red Sundae,” “Lava Flower” and “Snow Dream.”

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Homeschool Drug Prevention Resources

Suddenly Homeschooling? Why not add a little drug prevention?

Many parents are facing the daunting task of teaching their children while they are home for an extended time. This week is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week so the Drug Free America Foundation came up with a fun way to add drug prevention into your child’s curriculum.

They are suggesting that you add these games which are a fun way of conveying and testing your child’s knowledge.

Day 1

Play Kahoot! Marijuana Myths: Can You Tell Fact From Fiction?

Day 2

Take the National Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge

Day 3

Play the Jeopardy-style interactive game: Drug Facts Challege!

Day 4

Take an exploration on Brain Power! to learn the effects of drugs on the body

Day 5

Have fun on social media by printing these fun “Not everyone’s doing it” cards and uploading a picture with your child holding these cards to brag how they are not engaging in drugs or alcohol! Make sure to include #NDAFW in your posts.