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It’s just marijuana. The problem with denial

By Anne Moss Rogers, emotionallynaked.com  and webinar presenter, Turning Pain into Purpose, on June 19

“It’s just marijuana. It’s not like he’s doing heroin or meth.”

“I can’t worry about pot and drinking? We all did it in high school.”

“We didn’t want him to get arrested so we let him smoke marijuana at home. It’s a harmless drug.”

“His anxiety is so bad, we let him smoke marijuana.”

“My son is not smoking marijuana. His grades are perfect and he’s just not the type.”

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Colorado Marijuana Industry Through Irish Eyes

An Irish visitor reacts to legal marijuana:

“I was shocked by the carry on while I was there last month. People driving around like they are staring in a bad episode of training day! I don’t even think this behavior can be policed. The amount of vagrants that congregate there just because it’s easier to get drugs is also shocking. They intermingle with hill-walkers just to fit in but the vagrants are the ones that are stoned. There seems to be a huge social problem in Colorado just because of drugs. It seems like alcohol is prohibited for under 21-year-olds but that’s OK because they’ll get marijuana anyway. I hope we never legalise any form of drug in Ireland after seeing it firsthand!!!”

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