Colorado Marijuana Industry Through Irish Eyes

An Irish visitor reacts to legal marijuana:

“I was shocked by the carry on while I was there last month. People driving around like they are staring in a bad episode of training day! I don’t even think this behavior can be policed. The amount of vagrants that congregate there just because it’s easier to get drugs is also shocking. They intermingle with hill-walkers just to fit in but the vagrants are the ones that are stoned. There seems to be a huge social problem in Colorado just because of drugs. It seems like alcohol is prohibited for under 21-year-olds but that’s OK because they’ll get marijuana anyway. I hope we never legalise any form of drug in Ireland after seeing it firsthand!!!”

“I was there as a tourist and that’s my perspective. I understand that it might have been legalised because liquid meth was finding its way up to Colorado from the Mexican border. A safer alternative needed to be provided before some people destroyed themselves with that substance. But you don’t introduce something that may affect a whole population to protect a small group of people that would use the more dangerous drug.

“I’m sure the revenue generated to the government was also a factor but in a few years the state is going to need so many social services that the revenue will need to be pumped back into it. That’s just my opinion… Hopefully it will be repealed. Hopefully more people will realise that it’s destroying the young people. The sooner the better.

“Otherwise they will have to invest heavily in social services to deal with things like babies born addicted, vagrancy, crime increasing in general, housing, family liaison, home help, drug related illness, rehabs, taxis enabling schooling for children whose parents are too high to get them to school, debt relief agencies, costs of postmortems to identify which drugs caused death of a young person that couldn’t make a valuable contribution to society, costs of coroner inquests. All of these costs rise.  Is the drug industry going to support those costs?”Tokingparents

“Legalisation was not a good idea especially when the clowns are in charge of the circus, (as it seems).”


“Legalisation was not a good idea especially when the clowns are in charge of the circus (as it seems), ” she concluded.

(This article is submitted anonymously.  Here’s an article on Denver’s homelessness problems.)

Final Thoughts on Colorado marijuana from Irish tourist

The Colorado marijuana industry likes to claim various benefits to legalization.  However, when disseminating news the Colorado marijuana industry fails to mention the high social costs to the state. The rise of drug addiction treatment centers is an inevitable cost to the state. Can Colorado afford the cost? In this blog Poppot presents a friend’s honest reaction to the Colorado marijuana industry.