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SAM Joins Forces with NAADAC

Kevin Sabet,Smart Approaches to Marijuana Hold Key to Solving Addiction Crisis

Most of the young people who overdose from drugs began their illicit drug usage with marijuana, according to government statistics which have quoted it at 71%.  Parents Opposed to Pot receives anecdotal evidence suggesting this pattern over and over.  Some teens develop marijuana addiction, but marijuana is also a gateway drug for many other people who become addicted to cocaine, heroin, opiates and other drugs.

Facing our nation’s growth in drug addiction, NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, and SAM, Smart Approaches to Marijuana, announced a new strategic partnership on August 25.   SAM, an alliance of organizations and individuals Continue reading SAM Joins Forces with NAADAC

Non-Profit to Protect Oregonians from Drugs

CLEAR Alliance, [Children Learning Through Education and Research] a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization has been formed by current and retired public health and safety professionals in Oregon The IRS has approved its tax-exempt designation.

The mission of Clear Alliance is to increase awareness and educate youth and adults in Oregon about substance abuse, mental health, and violence prevention by making educational tools available and disseminate factual messaging to the public. Based on the need and requests from the public, CLEAR Alliance will focus its first projects on marijuana and heroin education, both locally and statewide. The goal is to provide public health and safety information that is based on clear scientific-based Continue reading Non-Profit to Protect Oregonians from Drugs