Non-Profit to Protect Oregonians from Drugs

CLEAR Alliance, [Children Learning Through Education and Research] a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization has been formed by current and retired public health and safety professionals in Oregon The IRS has approved its tax-exempt designation.

The mission of Clear Alliance is to increase awareness and educate youth and adults in Oregon about substance abuse, mental health, and violence prevention by making educational tools available and disseminate factual messaging to the public. Based on the need and requests from the public, CLEAR Alliance will focus its first projects on marijuana and heroin education, both locally and statewide. The goal is to provide public health and safety information that is based on clear scientific-based research and evidence,” said Board President Gary Thompson, a retired Oregon Circuit Court Judge who started the first Drug Court in Central Oregon.

“Frankly, far too much misinformation has been circulating. It’s time we set the precedence for factual public health and safety information to be the basis in which youth and adults are empowered to make clear and informed decisions,” he said.

Clear Alliance will make educational tools available and disseminate factual messaging to the public. This first free resource is about Marijuana Edibles and will be posted at this link:  

Board directors joining Senior Judge Gary Thompson include: Vice-President John Trumbo, retired Umatilla County Sheriff; Secretary/Treasurer Maggie Heising, Emergency Room Unit Technician; Dr. Ron Schwerzler, MD and Addiction Treatment Provider; and Connie Ramaekers, Certified Prevention Specialist. The Board has appointed Mandi Puckett, Certified Prevention Specialist, as Executive Director.   Butch Thurman of KUMA 1290  radio will interview John Trumbo on May 29 at 8:30 a.m.CLEARalliance

Recently the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association (OSSA) granted seed money to the non-profit. “We are proud to support CLEAR Alliance,” said John Bishop, Executive Director for OSSA. “They have a credentialed, diverse and experienced Board, Executive Director, and an Advisory Committee focused on circulating factual prevention and education tools. This is a wise investment for public health and safety and imperative for the well-being of our youth,” he said.

CLEAR Alliance is seeking monetary donations to support its mission (all donations are tax-deductible) and welcomes supportive participation on its Advisory Committee. Contact CLEAR Alliance at 541-508-3062 or visit