Marijuana: What Parents Need to Know Today

Today’s Reality For more information, download this brochure from Narconon.  Even if you smoked pot 20+ years ago without harm, today’s situation is different.  We want our children to avoid marijuana because they care about the risks in marijuana itself.  Here’s the facts for raising your children today: * Marijuana has been modified since 1994. … Continue reading Marijuana: What Parents Need to Know Today

Latest Research

A recent article covering a broad spectrum of marijuana research appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine on June 5, 2014.   Nora D. Volkow, M.D., Ruben D. Baler, Ph.D., Wilson M. Compton, M.D. and Susan R. B. Weiss, Ph.D,  wrote an article, “The Adverse Effect of Marijuana Use.”  Here’s a summary of key issues concerning … Continue reading Latest Research

For Kids

If you are offered marijuana, think about: 1) The person who is giving it to you.  Does this person really care about  you?   Can you trust this person with your life, if you have a panic attack or poisoning? 2) Your brain is still developing until age 25.  Why take risks with a substance that … Continue reading For Kids

Let’s Not Support More Addiction

Thanks to the banning of cigarettes in public places, fewer US teens smoke cigarettes, which is safer for all of us.  Now that we don’t have as much second-hand tobacco smoke, why should we put up with second-hand marijuana smoke?  It’s probably because we’re bamboozled by propagandists who worship pot as if it’s a god, … Continue reading Let’s Not Support More Addiction