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Young Victims of Parents’ Pot Addiction and Psychosis, Part 4

(Part 1 shows child justice failures in Court. Part 2 of this series is about neglected children who died in fires. Part 3 covers children who die in hot cars and in drownings. Part 4 explains parents who are addicted or psychotic from marijuana. Part 5 shows how children die through violence related to potPart 6 presents a solution. See our updated fact sheet of 60 deaths. Read a previous article,Three Children Die in Colorado).

Toddlers Who Went Outside, Almost Forgotten

Pictures on this page don’t correspond to specific children

When Rebecca Santiago-Reyes left her apartment at 2:30 a.m. to “smoke some weed” last February, she must have need her “fix.” When she went back to check on her children, one was missing. Fortunately, the 4-year daughter was found outside. She was unconscious and had turned blue. The temperature in Connecticut was only 3 degrees, but the little girl survived.   Addiction gets in the way of parenting.

In May of last year, a Florida mother and her boyfriend smoked pot all morning and ignored the pleas of her 3-year old who was locked outside until a neighbor found him.  The arrested mother claimed, “Marijuana should be legal anyways.” Continue reading Young Victims of Parents’ Pot Addiction and Psychosis, Part 4