Other States

Find out if your state has an active group working against the legalization of marijuana, a very dangerous policy. As of January, 2019, 10 states and Washington DC have legalized marijuana, although not all of them have commercialized it. 

Washington, DC did not commercialize it, but use by middle schoolers and high schoolers shot up after legalization.  

Michigan was the most recent state to vote on commercializing marijuana, despite the heavy evidence of pot-related traffic deaths. In addition, butane hash oil fires, sparked by marijuana labs are a big problem there.

Nevada commercialized in July, 2016.  Marijuana was singled out  in Nevada Highway Fatality Report, in 2017.

A recent assault in Vermont highlights marijuana – psychosis links. Other states are considering legalization.  Illinois has a huge problem with marijuana-impaired driving fatalities, but the new governor wants to legalize weed.

Former New York Police Commissioner Bratton connected the increase in crime to marijuana.  More recently, he denounced the “crazy” ideas around marijuana legalization. Firefighter Michael Fahy was killed trying to stop a fire at a marijuana lab, New York.

Massachusetts fails to regulate the moldy “medical” marijuana in dispensaries, and it’s not getting better

Marijuana edibles continue to be a problem in schools throughout the country


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