Boycott CNN and pay no attention to Dr. Sanjay Gupta

We call for a boycott of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s program, Weed 7, to be aired August 6, 2023, on CNN.  Dr. Gupta’s weed series has always been an aggressive attempt to sell the public on marijuana, even when the medical studies don’t support him.

For years Dr. Gupta has been supporting controversial medicines, such as Vioxx and the Gardasil shot.  He’s choosing to embroil himself in controversy again and ignore the pleadings of doctors and victims who’ve been harmed by cannabis.

The Parent Action Network (PAN) calls on parents to write CNN’s editors with objections to the program.  The marijuana industry has a commercial interest in expanding pot use, while marijuana victims can’t get any financial gain.  However, there’s a growing number of victims ready to sue the cannabis industry.

Follow the money.  CNN hopes to prop up its ratings, which are falling behind since last year.

Dr. Gupta’s track record

Last year we published a response to Dr. Gupta’s program on marijuana for autism.  We followed up with a medical summary showing that marijuana use by parents before birth increases the chance of having a child with autism.

Death in the Sickroom by Edvard Munch, 1893, helps explain how families feel about society’s lack of compassion for those who lost loved ones to the harmful effects of THC. Source: Wikiart


We thoroughly believe that every time Dr. Gupta presents marijuana as a miracle solution, there is another person for whom this solution was disastrous. He’s creating painful reminders for the families harmed by a loved one’s marijuana use.

He needs to give equal coverage to the victims.

As a journalist, Dr. Gupta should inform the public that some who were featured in his past “Weed” programs later died.  They received artisanal cannabis rather than FDA-approved drugs.  He has an obligation to report these truths. We admit that FDA-approved drugs can prove dangerous, but at least they’re taken off the market, unlike cannabis.

Cannabis advocates call marijuana “life-saving.” It’s a misleading term, although the palliative effects of cannabis can improve symptoms and quality of life before death.

Although the latest program affects seniors, not parents and children, seniors are the current target of marijuana marketing.  Trying to frame marijuana as “medical” in any guise was always part of the marijuana industry’s propaganda campaign.

Calling for a Boycott of CNN and Other Companies

Years ago CNN had a New Year’s Eve infomercial for marijuana.  It may seem funny, but it’s extremely painful to the growing number of families harmed by cannabis.  We spoke out at that time and called for CNN to restrain itself.

Other companies which should be boycotted for their connections to the marijuana industry and financing of ballots are:

Progressive Insurance

Scott’s Miracle-Gro (Finances marijuana ballots)

Rick Steves Travel

Dr. Bronner’s Soaps

Altria (the former Phillip Morris)

Blue Mountain Cards

Corona Beer