What’s the Marijuana Mania of Today?

The cockpit after man disrupted a flight from Seattle to Beijing. AP Photo

Man on pot edibles disrupts flight to Beijing

The turbo-charged, high-THC marijuana of today brings out lots of marijuana mania. Jimmy Kimmel’s pot jokes at the Oscars fell flat, but Kimmel could try using these stories on his nightly comedy show.  Or maybe they aren’t so funny, just a reflection of how marijuana does a number on the human brain.

  • The Seattle-to-Beijing incident was not the first time that a pot user messed up travel.   A man who set fire on the air traffic facility in Aurora, Illinois, smoked a bowlful of marijuana before going to work.  Thousands of flights were canceled, causing $350 million in losses to the airlines and so many stranded travelers.   Chicago’s two airports were not able to resume normal operations for more than a week.
  • In the Denver Mall, a homeless man started physically attacking people with a PVC pipe, in June, 2016. The 28-year old man had moved from Indiana to Colorado for the marijuana.   The mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, blamed the rash of violence on the 16th Street Mall on legalized marijuana. “This is one of the results of the legalization of marijuana in Denver, and we’re going to have to deal with it.”

Naked women and public utilities

  • Crystal Daniels, of Washington State, drove her vehicle into a utility pole around 1:40 AM on June 17, 2015. The crash caused power lines to fall to the ground and resulted in “about a hundred yards of flames.” When a King County sheriff’s police arrived at the scene, they had to pull her out of a back window of the vehicle.  She was completely naked and babbling incoherently.

The electricity outage affected about 4000 residents in Shoreline, a city about 10 miles from Seattle.  She had 28 ng THC hydroxyl in her blood and 8.5 ng. of THC.

  • Katherine Zacevich, 24, crashed her Cadillac SUV through the PG&E power plant gate in northern California last August.  When a deputy arrived, he reportedly found Zacevich topless.  She physically assaulted him as he tried to arrest her. Then she jumped into a nearby slough and swam awhile, before he took her into custody. She admitted to daily marijuana and alcohol use, and has been found incompetent to stand trial.

Domestic frenzy with marijuana mania

These people are the lucky ones.

Not all incidences of marijuana mania end up ok in the end.   When Davie Dauzat and his wife smoked marijuana all morning, he ended up killing her.  Dauzat  beheaded his wife, calling it was a “battle between good and evil.”   More recently in Colorado, a 23-year-old with psychosis  took an ax to kill his sister’s son.  An article mentions that that he has quit smoking marijuana and drinking since the incident.  It’s not clear if the man’s pot use preceded the mental illness, but we do know that use of pot makes the symptoms of mental illness more severe.   A student in Michigan who dropped classes and smoked pot all day, shot his parents this past week.

Hopefully, when people survive their marijuana-induced psychosis without hurting others, they can get help and quit using pot.  Quitting the pot will be necessary to avoid permanent psychosis.