Koch-backed group joins push for marijuana legalization

For years George Soros spent a fortune, as much as $100 -200 million, promoting marijuana legalization.  However, public outrage against money in politics usually targets the Koch Brothers. David Koch died in 2019, but Charles Koch remains, and the Koch brand is now behind marijuana legalization, too. 

The Koch Brothers’ group, Americans for Prosperity, recently joined efforts with other cannabis activist groups.  This new coalition includes the libertarian Reason Foundation and the Weldon Project, named for a drug dealer pardoned by President Trump. 

Marijuana legalization goes against science and proves to be failed policy on every level.

The Kochs’ ideology that the free market solves all problems remains a theory. The Soros-backed Open Society Foundation’s use of Karl Popper’s philosophy is equally impractical.   Both philosophies ignore the people harmed by their systems and refuse to confront reality when their systems don’t work.  These financiers use buckets of money to buy policies and to pay writers who will espouse their beliefs.

The Drug Policy Alliance, the backbone of the Open Society Foundation, defiantly refuses to acknowledge its contribution to the explosive growth in drug overdose deaths in the USA. 

We can promote and defend criminal justice reform without legalizing drugs. We should support rehabilitation for both crime and drugs.  Go to the SAM webpage, learnaboutsam, to understand all facets of marijuana policy.