New video about political funds for marijuana legalization

Political funds from Washington, DC give extraordinary amounts of money to push agendas, especially for marijuana. Marijuana industry activists and lobbyists are pushing once again for legalization in four states — Arizona, New Jersey, Montana and North Dakota.   It’s an anti-science policy.  How funny that socialist politicians like Bernie Sanders and AOC support the most capitalistic of policies, without understanding the irony.

Corporate interests are funding the ballots in New Jersey and Arizona with an overwhelming amount of money, according to Ballotpedia.  Marijuana companies donated around $5 million to legalize in Arizona.  Scotts Miracle-Gro gave the largest gifts to New Jersey’s legalization effort, about $800,000.  It would be strange if New Jersey legalized pot, considering the state’s favorite icon, Bruce Springsteen, never used it.

However, the biggest funding goes to a less populated state, Montana. The mysterious North Fund, a dark money source headquartered in Washington, DC, gave most of the $7 million raised to promote that ballot. The North Fund does not reveal its donors. 

The other big funder in Montana is New Approach PAC, a familiar group out of Washington, DC. An offshoot of the Marijuana Policy Project, has been promoting ballots for six years. New Approach PAC donated over $1,300,000 to legalize in South Dakota and more than $1,900,000 to legalize in Montana. Legalizers are trying to get all corners of the country covered, but they haven’t come up with a plan to cover new mental health care costs.

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