Deaths, Car Accidents, Child Abuse When We Aren’t Taking Marijuana Threat Seriously

Arguing if it’s safer to drive stoned than it is to drive drunk is like arguing whether it’s safer to disobey a stop sign or a red light.  There’s no point in arguing the pros and cons of dangerous practices — or testing them. Yet the majority of the time people violate our rights to safe roads by speeding, running red lights or driving stoned they don’t get caught and don’t have accidents.

We shouldn’t be arguing against speeding laws any more than we should be arguing against having a strict limit for driving under the influence of alcohol or THC (the measure of impairment when stoned).   Nor should we allow the rights of “medical” marijuana users to interfere with safety on the road.

Furthermore, why are habitual marijuana users given unsupervised visitation in child custody arrangements?  Unfortunately in the crossfire of Fathers’ Rights groups and Women’s Rights groups, the safety of the child gets lost.  Even groups such as PreventChildAbuse America refuse to see the influence of drugs on children in danger.   Women’s groups may be intransigent for 2 reasons: 1)that drug use could be used against a woman in custody disputes and 2) putting any blame on drugs as a cause of abhorrent behaviors could take away the anti-male message.  We call on both the Father’s Rights and the Woman’s Rights groups to acknowledge that drug usage and drug impairment is not primarily a gender issue.  Many abusive fathers would stop being abusive if they went into drug rehabilitation.  Why is this not a focus of the family courts?  Why aren’t child abuse groups calling for an end to drug use and educating their victims about it?

There’s a tragic story of a mother who tried to warn the courts of her daughter’s father.  He had a history of drug abuse, a reason she was quite concerned and worried that he had joint custody and was going there every other weekend.   Let this story be a firm testimony as to why marijuana and parenting don’t mix. A marijuana industry/lobby has misled the millennial generation, and this little girl has paid the price.Yes, we believe the father should have known better, but what messages are we sending when has been saying pot is “Safer than Alcohol?” People write on this website that they’re better drivers stoned. What delusion! Thankfully, she lives because of advances in medicine.…/4-year-old_miracle_kid_has_face_r…

More signs of this very messed up world, a world of political polarization and a world which treats problems by the symptoms and refuses to treat problems at the source.

How does a driver get so impaired that she drives right into a house and kills the resident? It’s probably because of the weed found in the driver’s car. Now 2 children live without their mother and the driver escapes harm, near Lorain, Ohio, 2 weeks ago. The more the pot industry promotes a “harmless herb” the more homicides like this one will happen: