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Girl Scouts Sue Marijuana Industry and Get Results

Girl Scouts USA wrote a cease and desist letter to an Oakland, California, marijuana dispensary.  They asked the company to stop using the name Girl Scout Cookies for this product.  The Girl Scouts  organization has exclusive rights to the name under trademark law.

photo via VSCO

As a result the Magnolia Oakland dispensary pulled this product of their shelves right away.  Kudos to the Girl Scouts for fighting back.

In Nevada, a Las Vegas company, Shango, has been selling under the name Gurl Scouts.  So far, the Girls Scouts haven’t taken any action  against that company, as of this time.   The parents. however, are very upset, reports a Nevada TV station.

Although the organization didn’t take legal action in Las Vegas, they released the following statement:

We were recently made aware of local dispensaries using the Girl Scouts trademarked name, or a variation of our trademarked name, to sell their products. In January, dispensaries in California were issued a cease and desist letter from Girl Scouts of the USA for trademark infringement and have removed the product in violation from their shelves. “Girl Scout Cookies” is a registered trademark dating back to 1936. Our famous cookies are known the world over for their delicious flavor and we do not want the public to be confused by unauthorized products in the marketplace.

Here is another article about the cease and desist in California: