“Bursting the Bubble of the Marijuana Hype”

Our children are routinely told that marijuana is “harmless” and “safer than alcohol.”   These messages are promoted in social media and by a lobby that is intent on selling the country on marijuana and profiting from addiction.   Your contribution to membership in 2019 will fund our blog and social media campaign.

The personal benefit of a membership is that you are helping fund DRUG PREVENTION by preventing a nation of young pot users.  At least 72,000 Americans died of overdose deaths in 2017, double the number of deaths from gun violence and far more than traffic fatalities.  Others are killed by stoned drivers. So many of the young people who die began illicit drug use with marijuana.                    

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A family membership will go far to help the campaign against youth pot use; we’ll send you a bumper sticker upon request. Give $250+ to be a patron, $1000 a sponsor.   If you can’t support with money, we strongly appreciate your help on social media! Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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Parents Opposed to Pot, PO Box 2462,  Merrifield, VA    22116

Parents Opposed to Pot’s key messages:

1) The turbo-charged pot of today and its derivatives – wax, shatter, BHO and edibles –make cannabis far more dangerous than it was in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

2) Any marijuana use interferes with teen brain development, memory and gets in the way of decision making skills. It makes it more difficult for to reach the maturity needed in adulthood. 

3) Common adolescent and teen problems such as depression, anxiety, social pressure and boredom will most likely become worse if your child uses marijuana.

4) Marijuana is a foundation drug for other drug use. Studies show that 70% of those addicted to opiates or heroin began drug use with marijuana.

5) Zero tolerance for driving under the influence of marijuana should be a community standard. We want parents to warn their children not to ride in cars of those who have used marijuana, and make that warning as vigorous as the message against drunk driving.

6) Health education should include information on how marijuana works against good mental health. Marijuana is a trigger mental health disorders such as anxiety but also some of the most extreme outcomes such as bipolar I, schizophrenia and suicide.

7) Most current “medical marijuana” is primarily practiced as a fraud. We endorse that testing of components of the plant through FDA approval process, to insure knowledge about side effects, drug interactions and control for toxicity and dosage.  

8) Expose other problems associated with legalized marijuana: advertising violations, environmental hazards, butane hash oil explosions and failure to solve social justice issues and black market sales, as legalizers promised.

9) Bring public awareness to the problem of child abuse and neglect deaths by marijuana-using parents, and caregivers.  In states that track substance use, marijuana is the number 1 substance associated with child abuse and neglect deaths.  

10) Inform the public of widely accepted non-medical treatments for trauma and pain, rather than risk further psychological damage.  We acknowledge that people often use marijuana and heroin because of past trauma.

11) Work with SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana, AALM (Americans Against the Legalization of Marijuana), and local groups.

12) Point out political hypocrisy.  As non-partisans, we won’t endorse politicians, but hope for reversal in states that have legalized pot.

13) Warning and discouraging pregnant and nursing women from using marijuana, and potential fathers

14)  Give compassionate support to the parents and families who have been harmed by this drug.                            

Bursting the Bubble of Marijuana Hype