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A Letter to the New York Times

 Pamela McColl, Smart Approaches to Marijuana, Canada,  responded to an article in the New York Times about Whoopi Goldberg’s entry into the marijuana industry with a line for women:

Goldberg, in her willingness to push addictive pot products on women in their reproductive years, must accept liability for the countless number of children who will subsequently be born with marijuana -induced cognitive dysfunction.  Solid scientific findings demonstrate that marijuana is a potent drug that can cause harm to the brain maturation in the fetus. Research demonstrates that fetuses exposed to THC products showed significantly lower levels of the protein needed for the development of cognitive abilities required to conduct planning, memory, decision making and organization functions.

It is critically important to understand and share the science of marijuana use in pregnancy to protect both women and their offspring. Using Goldberg’s THC-laced products might produce a distraction from menstrual cramps but at what cost?  The long-term consequences may well be far more damaging than the short-term relief.

Goldberg is quoted as saying she has no problem with someone smoking a joint. Again a grave disservice to women who are more susceptible to lung cancer than their male counterparts. Smoking is harmful the lungs full stop. Smoke from marijuana combustion contains many of the same toxins, and carcinogens as tobacco smoke.

There is only one word to describe Goldberg’s corporate ambitions and that word is greed. Her position is indefensible.