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Marijuana and Pedestrian, Cyclists Deaths

Ramming into People at Bus Stops, on Sidewalks

A 65- year old driver rammed into pedestrians waiting at a bus stop in Vallejo, California on June 19. The mother of a 4-year-old girl was killed quickly, while the daughter and 4 others waiting for the bus were injured. The matter is still under investigation. Early reports said the driver had recently left a medical marijuana dispensary and he had pot on him.

Some of the news items of the event have removed information about marijuana. In the meantime, a Lieutenant Governor Newsom’s Blue Ribbon Committee came out with a report on how to regulate marijuana, using the assumption that marijuana must be made legal. Legalization is not working in Washington and Colorado

On June 10, a driver in Ferndale, near Bellingham, struck and killed two Windward High School students on the sidewalk Continue reading Marijuana and Pedestrian, Cyclists Deaths

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