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Facebook Conversation Between Two California Therapists, a True Story

One therapist, a Republican, said to another “You should be ecstatic thinking of all the wonderful mental disorders coming with teens and young adults smoking recreational marijuana.  It may even be pharma grade marijuana.    What could go wrong?  At least your business will be booming.”

The other therapist responded:  “I hear ya.  But I’m never ecstatic over drugs. There is nothing good about them.    Breaks my ? and it makes me very concerned about the folks in California.   There will be so much addiction and all it brings, included increased crime, destruction of families.”

The other therapist (a man) replied:

“Trust me I’m truly saddened. I was being sarcastic.  This state loses its appeal every year.  It’s like it wants to force out anyone with common sense and leave only those that want crime and addiction, but want the government to pay for it all.

Editor’s Note: Bracing for the increase in psychiatric care and hoping things will be fine since we have pharmaceutical drugs that can stop psychotic breaks, are cynical attitudes.   The public should consider that some of these youth may never recover and that it takes a toll on their brains.  On our Testimonial pages are several examples.