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Trigger warning on suicide and social pressure to do pot

I can say that marijuana can make you very suicidal and sad!

My first time and only time I’ve smoked dabs and marijuana was the time I was pure pressured by my mother and brother.

Back story — I’m really against marijuana due to the fact of this product making people very lazy and not being able to hold a conversation with someone who is high. My mother and brother thought it would’ve been a good thing for me to do so I’m not so judging on someone getting high.

When I smoked marijuana for the first time I did it from a pipe and my mom was like you have to do it a couple times….. hmm?…. how can something be so “healthy” if it burns? Then my brother made me do a dab pen.  I could not breathe, I kept coughing, it burned my lungs so bad and they thought it was funny.

My husband was extremely mad at my family once this stuff kicked in.  I was so suicidal if someone told me to jump off the roof I would’ve done it in minutes. I could not hear people talking to me due to things zooming up on me.

First I don’t understand how someone can drive or do this every single day.

Second my mom told me that I didn’t feel that way because weed makes you happy.

My brother did the same thing to my 15-year-old sister locked her into the room with him when my parents were sleeping and made her smoke weed.  She got really sick and couldn’t go to work the next day and got fired my mother gave her guilt trip saying it wasn’t my brothers fault but hers because she didn’t scream.