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Friendship Triangle Turns into Murder, Part 2

(Read Part I for background information on Pretty Little Killers, by Daleen Beery and Geoffrey C Fuller, about the murder of Skylar Neese.)

Why would this sad set of circumstances happen to girls from wild and wonderful West Virginia, where people still live in friendly, small-town communities?  Skylar lived in Star City, right outside of Morgantown, home of West Virginia University.  Families who had lived in the area for generations mixed with the international student body.  It was not a sheltered environment. Can we possibly understand how it happened so that other parents don’t go through the incomprehensible suffering of Dave and Mary Neese?

The three girls had much in common as only children of adoring parents who struggled financially. They were excellent students, but Skylar was undoubtedly the smartest. The book mentions that Continue reading Friendship Triangle Turns into Murder, Part 2