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Palmer Lake Colorado Town Council Set to Repeal “No Retail Pot Stores”

Serene Palmer Lake Colorado Scene of Heated Struggle Over Pot Shops

(The third article in a series about the battles in Colorado communities attempting to ban marijuana sales.)   Palmer Lake, Colorado (between Denver and Colorado Springs), citizens filed a petition and voted in April 2014 – to not allow retail sales of marijuana in their town. Now it appears that the pro-marijuana activists are attempting to persuade Palmer Lake town council to overrule the law affirmed by their community.

The issue was to be considered again on the ballot in November. However the town council plans on taking a council vote this Thursday, October 9, 2014 to repeal the “no retail pot stores” legislation which passed in April.

“The citizens have already said we don’t want this, yet we are now being second-guessed by the leadership of the town. You can imagine how disheartening this is,” says town resident, Gerilyn McGaughran.

Proponents of retail pot in Palmer Lake are counting on the anticipated tax revenue community to convince the town council. Yet, landlords and business owners, parents and law enforcement anticipate such a move will cost Palmer Lake more than the gain.

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