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California: Big Losses for Pot Legalization Movement

Two more jurisdictions in California recently voted to not allow marijuana dispensaries in their communities. Last week voters strongly rejected pot distribution for “medical” purposes in  Yucca Valley.  The city of Riverside recently beat back marijuana, too.

The vote to ban medical marijuana dispensaries was  slightly under 60% in Yucca Valley, and slightly over 60% in Riverside.

Cannabis industry groups and the marijuana lobby have spread a message that nationwide legalization is inevitable.  If that rumor is a tactic to stifle opposition, quite the opposite is happening.  Continue reading California: Big Losses for Pot Legalization Movement

Niwot, Colorado, Fights Out-of-State Entrepreneurs

Niwot, a town on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado, is yet another jurisdiction fighting to keep big marijuana businesses out of the community. Entrepreneurs Ernie and Callie Craumer, of Connecticut, invested in Colorado real estate with the intent of renting the building to a pot grower. They’re seeking a land use permit for the vacant building at 6924 N. 79th St., a few blocks south of the community’s downtown area. The permit, if granted would allow both a grow facility and retail sales of the drug.  The owners originally thought of living in the area, but decided against it after feeling out the opposition.

Dick Piland, head of the Niwot Community Association (NCA), explains that the family-oriented community of only 4,000 residents Continue reading Niwot, Colorado, Fights Out-of-State Entrepreneurs