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Solving the Problem of Marijuana and Child Abuse, Part 6

(Part 1 shows child justice failures in Court. Part 2 of this series is about neglected children who died in fires. Part 3 covers children who die in hot cars and in drownings. Part 4 explains parents who are addicted or psychotic from marijuana. Part 5 shows how children die through violence related to pot.  Part 6 presents a solution. See our updated fact sheet on 60 children’s deaths. Read a previous article,Three Children Die in Colorado.)

A Commitment Against Child Abuse and Neglect Must Address Pot Use

Prevent Child Abuse America and National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and groups dedicated to ending domestic violence will not make progress towards that goal until they unite in opposition to drug abuse. The notable drugs of abuse include marijuana.   Some anti-violence groups are as ignorant as our court system, because they do not accept marijuana and other substance abuse as the primary compounding cause of child abuse and neglect.  (Stress alone or poverty alone don’t cause child abuse. Substance abuse alone can cause child abuse and neglect. ) Continue reading Solving the Problem of Marijuana and Child Abuse, Part 6