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Stop Chicago Violence; Give Market to Pharma

(by Anonymous)

I live in the Chicago area and medical pot is legal here.  They are trying to legalize recreational pot as well.  I have several disabled friends with diseases like MS, Glaucoma and Cancer who cannot afford to buy their pot from the high priced pot dispensaries.

My friend with MS lives on disability which only pays him
$1100.00 a month to live on, which hardly covers his rent in Chicago, let alone very highly priced dispensary pot.  So he doesn’t buy legal, he goes to the street corner to get the medicine he needs.

If it was really a medication, and made properly by a pharmaceutical
company then he would be able to get his insurance to pay for it.  But, instead, the Deadly Drug Gangs on Chicago are selling pot because the disabled, and just about everyone else who’s not rich, can’t afford to buy the pot from the legal pot dispensaries.

Everyone is crying about how the crime is skyrocketing in Chicago and how the murder rate is higher there than it has ever been….Has anyone considered that the wars and killings are between Drug Gangs fighting over street corner turf so that they can sell their drugs?

If pot is TRULY MEDICINE then I beg the legislators to hand it over to BIG PHARMA to make medication out of it which will be covered by prescription, and paid for by people’s insurance…. instead of this deadly battle that is going on in Chicago, and in other ways all over America.  Corporate Pot doesn’t care who dies as long as they make a profit.

If it’s really MEDICINE then take it out of the hands of the street drug dealers,  and PLEASE give it to BIG PHARMA.

Editor – Thanks for your commentary.  Our information is that the Food and Drug Administration did not approve Sativex, the nasal spray for MS.  There were some complications.   Yesterday the DEA created a new class for scheduling marijuana extracts.  Here is the government document.a

Of the viability of using marijuana as medicine, Dr. Miller gives the following information: “The potential of THC in pain relief will always be marred by its serious psychiatric, cardiac and cognitive side effects.  It is not a potent pain reliever, having failed in clinical trials for acute cancer pain for e.g. (GW Pharma’s results).  For neuropathic pain, there are mixed results, so until better data is available, I don’t think pain relief should be presented as one of its attributes.”