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THC Increases Neural Noise in Brain Similar to Schizophrenia

Brain Fibers, Left and Right Side Brain Communication Subject of Two Studies

A study published in the December issue of Biological Psychiatry attempts to understand how the THC in marijuana creates psychosis-like effects, similar to those in schizophrenia.  A different study,  published in Europe,  looked into the brain fibers of those who use high-potency marijuana and how they differ from non-users, specifically addressing how the two sides of the brain communicate.  The authors concluded that “frequent use of high-potency cannabis is associated with disturbed callosal microstructural organization in individuals with and without psychosis.”

The American study, announced in a medical bulletin of December 3, reports that ∆9-THC increases random neural activity, termed neural noise, in the brains of healthy human subjects. The findings suggest that increased neural noise may play a role in the psychosis-like effects of cannabis. Continue reading THC Increases Neural Noise in Brain Similar to Schizophrenia

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