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Washington Releases a Report on THC Impaired Driving

“A link between THC blood levels and impairment may never be
developed comparable to the relationship that exists for alcohol.
Alcohol and marijuana are very distinct in terms of chemical makeup, body metabolism, and psycho-motor impairment and therefore should not be compared. Strategies implemented to reduce alcohol-impaired driving are not likely to have the same impact on reducing drugged drivers.”  — Ed Wood, DUID Victims Voices.  THC is the short name for the most psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana.   This information is in a 61-page summary released by the state of Washington in October.
Winward High School
Flowers set before Windward High School in Ferndale, where two teens were killed and two injured on their way to PE Class, June 2015. The driver who was a daily marijuana smoker.

The number of marijuana-impaired drivers rose to 75 in 2014, first year of edible sales, up from 38 in 2013.

Phillip Drum, PharmD.,  writes the following summary of this report:  Washington’s driving data is finally coming out and it is NOT good at all.  It confirms what Dr. Marilyn Huestis has been warning about for years – that marijuana impairs driving.

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