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National Safety Report Shows Fear of Stoned Drivers

A National Safety Report released this month shows that 76% percent of those surveyed are concerned about traffic safety under the legalization of marijuana.

Ironically, the same survey showed that 13 percent of drivers actually have driven under the influence of marijuana during the last month.    Of the 2,000 plus participants, 14% were between comprised drivers ages 30-34, the largest group in the survey.

Here’s a report of the National Safety Council’s Survey.  

On CBS Evening News, Deborah Hersman of the National Safety Council called out people driving under the influence of marijuana and alcohol, She also mentioned states legalizing substances without adequate testing.   Watch the video.

Traffic fatalities have been increasing in the last two years, to an estimated 40,000 deaths last year.   The previous year a rise in deaths was led by increases in the Northwestern states.  Washington, which commercialized marijuana in 2014, had the highest rate of traffic fatalities involving drivers under the influence.  The rate more than doubled in 2014.

Hersman mentioned that drivers ages 19-24 seem to be involved in the most risky driving behaviors.   We find that many of the crashes caused by stoned drivers involve those ages 17 – 20, below the legal age for marijuana in the states that have legalized.    When teens drive stoned, they often have friends with them, leading to multiple deaths at once.

We have published numerous articles on stoned driving.  

Articles show how bicyclists and pedestrians are in danger.   It is not uncommon for those who cause accidents to be both stoned and drunk simultaneously.

Driving High Slammed in AAA Report

Driving high may change your life, but not in a good way.

Stoners think driving high is safer than driving straight (wrong) and better than driving drunk (not hardly). The jokes about driving painfully slow or stopping at a green light always get big laughs at the comedy club. But, stoned driving is no laughing matter, and like drunk driving, it kills.

The American Automobile Association recently issued a damning report about the real consequences of legalization. One of the first states to legalize marijuana in 2012, Washington state has seen traffic fatalities caused by stoned drivers double from 2013 to 2014.

See this CBS Evening News Video

Here is the press release issued by AAA, Fatal Road Crashes Involving Marijuana Double After State Legalizes Drug.

Colorado is another state where traffic fatalities have increased as a result of legalization. In this video, we see how legalization activists are misusing the statistics and misleading the public.

Watch Colorado Traffic Fatalities Video

A California law firm warns that even medical marijuana users who drive impaired are breaking the law. Yet, these same attorneys seem to assuage the guilt of marijuana users by saying it doesn’t impair driving (they are looking to defend stoned drivers, so naturally they try to appear pro-pot).

PopPot.org has written stories inspired by news headlines of pedestrians, motorists and bikers and bicyclists crashed into by drivers under the influence of this brain changing drug.  Marijuana: Pedestrians and Cyclists Not Safe.

See more PopPot.org articles on marijuana and driving here.

See also DUID Victim Voices, an advocacy group that works for tougher drugging and driving laws.

Marijuana traffic fatalities can be prevented. Don’t light up.

Our next article will cover some of the marijuana traffic deaths over the last few months.

Teen Driver Safety Week Warning Against Driving on Pot

In advance of Canadian National Teen Driver Safety Week – October 19-25 — SAM Canada reminds all Canadians of the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana. SAM Canada is the Canadian chapter of Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

Frequently people state the belief that feel they are better drivers when they are high. These beliefs are perpetuated by the marijuana lobby in their quest for legitimacy, legalization and commercialization.  When long-time stoners tell us this, it’s the youth who listen.  Young people are only 13% of the drivers in Canada, but they account for about one quarter the traffic fatalities and injuries.

The statements need to be stopped. Stoned driving is a legitimate threat to personal and public safety. Let’s face it, driving high is as dumb as drunk driving.  Here’s some facts. Continue reading Teen Driver Safety Week Warning Against Driving on Pot

Colorado Issues 3rd Marijuana Report

Colorado published its 3rd report on the Impact of Marijuana in Colorado.  Colorado opened commercial marijuana stores in January, 2014. That year also saw the following, according to the report:

  • a 29% increase in the number of marijuana-related emergency room visits,

  • a 38% percent increase in the number of marijuana-related hospitalizations,

  • 30 injuries from THC extraction labs (also called BHO labs or hash oil explosions), compared to 18 in 2013

    Continue reading Colorado Issues 3rd Marijuana Report