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Shaky Start for Oregon Marijuana Laws

Marijuana legalization is off to a shaky start in Oregon. Less than a week after commercial marijuana shops opened, Elizabeth Kemble was hit by the car of a stoned driver while crossing the street. She died 11 hours later, on October 5. The driver admitted to smoking pot behind the wheel. By all accounts, Kemble was a wonderful person who was born in El Salvador and spent much of her free time doing volunteer work to help others.

Since marijuana stores opened in Oregon October 1, it took no time for a company to violate the rules by offering free cannabis-infused lozenges. Stores are not allowed to distribute edibles at this time.  (Photo courtesy of SAM Oregon). The arrest of several youths in Redmond near a school shows that Oregon marijuana laws are not successful in keeping it away from youth.

On September 24, Diane Davidoff fatally shot her 17-year-old son, Jake, in the back in Gresham, near Portland.  Continue reading Shaky Start for Oregon Marijuana Laws

The Role of Pot: Horrific Cases of Child Justice Failure, Part 1

(Part 1 shows child justice failures in Court.Part 2 of this series is about neglected children who died in fires.Part 3 covers children who die in hot cars and in drownings. Part 4 explains parents who are addicted or psychotic from marijuana. Part 5 shows how children die through violence related to marijuana. Part 6 presents a solution. Previous article:Three Children Die in Colorado. Download our updated fact sheet on 53 child deaths related to pot.)

Marijuana Involved in Family Court Failures

Family courts throughout the United States routinely fail to protect children when there are signs of potential abuse.  The father rights’ lawyers and women’s groups should put down their swords and consider the best interests of the child in drug abuse cases. If these parties compromised for the sake of children, they would gladly speak against joint custody or visitation when drug abuse is a threat to child safety. Here are three horrific examples involving marijuana-using parents with addiction issues. Continue reading The Role of Pot: Horrific Cases of Child Justice Failure, Part 1