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Idaho Case Forces us to Reconsider Pharmaceutical Drugs

Did the Marijuana Industry Set Up the State’s Conflict with Kelsey Osborne?

Kelsey Osborne gave her daughter a marijuana smoothie.   She said the girls was having seizures, suffering  withdrawal symptoms from Risperdal.  Later, Child Protective Services gave custody of her children, Madyson and Ryker, ages 3 and 2, to their father.

This story from Idaho shocks for several reasons.  It’s very disturbing that a parent would give a three-year-old Risperdal in the first place.  Furthermore, cannabis oil poses big risks for changes to a toddler’s brain; it shouldn’t be done without medical supervision.

Risperdal is allowed for children five and over, but it comes with huge risks as a treatment for autism.  The powerful drug is also used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.  Interviews with the mom do not explain why the daughter, Madyson, took Risperdal.

Did a doctor prescribe this medicine to Madyson?   Or is the Risperdal claim an outright falsehood?  If it is true, two wrongs do not make a right.

The legal battle underscores our inability to address root causes.  Why isn’t the United States searching for reasons behind the increase of  autism and seizures in children today?

There’s no information about how much conflict with the father may have contributed to the battle.  If Kelsey’s mistake was an honest one, it’s disturbing that the children would be taken from their mother.  Is it possible that Kelsey Osborne’s actions were a deliberate attempt to set up legal conflict?  Could the marijuana industry be instigating this legal battle?

In Idaho, cannabidiol from marijuana is allowed through a special program for children with seizures. The Osbornes were not in this program.   If seizures were an on-going problem for the girl, why did she not enroll in the program?

The marijuana lobbyists deliberately manipulate public sympathy when they want to change laws.

The case of Shona Banda in Kansas is another case with a lot of missing information.  She lived in Colorado before moving back to Kansas.   Banda has Crohn’s Disease, a very painful condition which people often treat by diets and probiotics.  While some people can do well keeping this disorder under control by following strict, individualistic diets, some need Rxs to minimize flare-ups.  It’s not clear whether or not Banda tried the natural diet cures, and if the Rx medicines failed to work for her.

Those who are against marijuana can expect the marijuana industry and lobbyists to actively promote these battles.  We need to push credible evidence of marijuana’s negative side effects and the risks to brain health.

Legal battles with the marijuana industry should force anti-pot activists to admit the many problems with pharmaceutical drugs.  Americans need to stop expecting panacea medicines.  Otherwise the marijuana industry will continue to promote pot as the miracle cure all for any medical condition.   Why do we continue to be so gullible?    Above picture is from KBOI TV and from Twitter.