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Stoned and Drunk is a Deadly Combination

It’s Not Either Or — Many Drivers are Both Stoned and Drunk

Read Part 1  For Ansley Rayborn, 14, it was a fatal decision to go into the car with another teenager who had been drinking and smoking pot.  Ansley was a freshman at Chiles High School in Florida.   She was spending the night at a friend’s house when the two girls met up with other kids.  The 15-year-old driver was stoned, drunk and only had a learner’s permit.  Ansley died while the driver and three other teens escaped from the crash with minor injuries. Continue reading Stoned and Drunk is a Deadly Combination

New Concerns About Marijuana Edibles

Earlier this year, an elementary school in Seattle had an incident of a child bringing edible marijuana to the lunchroom.   So far this year, 14 children in the state of Washington were poisoned by marijuana edibles, according to an article in the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

The count of 14 is equal to the number of children taken in for marijuana poisonings in the state of Colorado last year.   In Colorado, there have been three deaths attributed to marijuana edibles.  In one case, a man shot his wife after eating a candy. Her 911 call revealed that he had eaten the candy and he wanted her to shoot him.

The CDC issued a report on the death of Levy Thamba Pongi Continue reading New Concerns About Marijuana Edibles