Parents Opposed to Pot bursts the “bubble of the marijuana hype” and counters the false narrative that marijuana is harmless. We know that no amount of marijuana, especially in its current high-THC forms, can be proven safe.

Using current research and testimony, we strive to prevent youth marijuana use by educating the parents.

Social media bombards our children, teens, and parents with pro-pot propaganda, and the press backs them up.  States with medical and recreational marijuana allow billboards and print advertisements. We poke holes in the false arguments used to legitimize marijuana by making the latest research and statistics available to the public.

We propose changing the current narrative of accepting marijuana as harmless fun and a “rite of passage” for kids and teens. Let’s prevent and discourage use.  We want better drug education – for parents, in schools and in communities.

Finally, we build a community of support, advocacy, and action for those harmed by this drug.

Bursting the Bubble of Marijuana Hype