Alarming Increase “Dabbing” and “Vaping” by Colorado Kids

Six years after adult-use marijuana commercialization began in Colorado, teens report an alarming increase in their use of ultra-potent pot products in the form of dabs and vapes, according to official state data released today.  A statewide Healthy Kids Survey from last year questioned 53,520 students chosen randomly from 195 middle and high schools. More … Continue reading Alarming Increase “Dabbing” and “Vaping” by Colorado Kids


The products that teens use today are way more potent than the average pot of the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s.  Youth are using marijuana wax, dabs, edibles and vapes.  What is Dabbing? Dabbing and Vaping Butane Hash Oil Dabs Advertised on Internet The Truth About Dabbing and Addiction My 16-year-old son died from marijuana Johnny’s … Continue reading Dabbing

Extreme Marijuana–Dabbing and Vaping Dangers

Part 2 of 2 Parents beware, the marijuana culture is promoting extreme highs that can get your kids hurt. Vaping and dabbing are new ways to get high that are extremely sudden, dangerous and eliminate the telltale odor, making marijuana use harder to detect. Drugs like marijuana are addictive and once a teen gets swept … Continue reading Extreme Marijuana–Dabbing and Vaping Dangers