Letters to Editor show chaos of pot shops in New York

The Issue: The issuing of the state’s first recreational-marijuana sales licenses to businesses.

Published in the New York Post, November 23, 2022

From the moment the state legalized the possession of certain amounts of pot, shops have been opening like wildfire in all neighborhoods of New York (“Yes We Cannabis,” Nov. 22).

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Just what are the consequences for these illegal shops selling pot? Are they being issued summons? Are they being closed? Are they losing their storefront business licenses? Nothing at all?

We have had at least four or five stores opened in our community of Whitestone. What is being done?

Kim Cody


As a teen, I remember asking older guys to buy us boys a bottle of beer as they entered a grocery, because we were too young. The same will happen with marijuana now that sale of it is normalized, like an ice cream bar.

For some, it will be addictive and a gateway to other drugs. This marijuana has a potency well beyond your grandfather’s marijuana.

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My pet peeve has always been the use of the adjective “recreational” as it relates to marijuana. The adjective is used to diminish that it’s a mind-altering drug. It should be decriminalized, not normalized.

Phil Serpico


In October 2022, the New York Post also published an article showing that Governor Kathy Hochul was scrambling to find a test for marijuana Dui. Her state has suffered greatly from marijuana-DUIs, including the limo driver who killed 20.

It absolutely makes no sense to ban flavored tobacco vapes while not banning favored THC vapes, which obviously appeal to kids.  On November 22, 2022, the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board wrote about Progressive Paradox on Marijuana.