Voices of Truth Rally Cancelled………for Now

Parents Opposed to Pot cancelled The Voices of Truth: A Victory Rally over Marijuana. We hoped to hold the event this coming weekend, October 1-3, after COVID-19 made our plans for a May rally impossible.  Enthusiasts from all over the country, particularly the West Coast, planned to attend.

We explored the possibility of holding a virtual meeting for marijuana victims and their supporters, but decided that a smaller distance meeting could create the same outcomes.

In the meantime, Every Brain Matters, a project of Parents Opposed to Pot, started support meetings for those harmed by marijuana.  We meet the last Friday of each month, at 6 p.m. CST.   For those interested in learning more, please write [email protected].

We hope that our Victory Rally can be held at a future date, when the prospects for safe travel return.  In the meantime, Parents Opposed to Pot will initiate two new websites, Every Brain Matters and Jennifer’s Messengers. These websites and their social media will provide vehicles of support for those who have been affected negatively by marijuana.

We are grateful that Congress will not pass the MORE Act, which would make marijuana legalization national, at this time.  However, politicians will probably try again — after the election.