Parents Opposed to Pot Launches YouTube Channel

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Always seeking to educate about the true impact of marijuana legalization, Parents Opposed to Pot is launching a brand new YouTube channel.  The internet audience is bombarded with pro-pot messages, and our kids are seeing these false narratives, so we want the Parents Opposed to Pot channel to be the place where people can learn the truth. Marijuana is harming people and communities. It is not helping our country.

Our first few engaging and persuasive videos are already live. The new channel will feature professionals giving science-based facts, testimonials of people who were harmed by marijuana, or others who testify about the hurt and heartache the drug caused to their family and communities. The channel will also publish educational videos, drug prevention speakers at conferences, and other important public service content. Please use these videos to educate your families and communities. 

See the Parents Opposed to Pot Videos

So far these are the videos we have uploaded:

Testimony of Ex-Felon Eddie Martinez, whose early involvement with gangs and marijuana led to his incarceration.

Dr. Bertha Madras lecture on the latest research on cannabis.

Dr. Phillip Drum lecture on marijuana impaired driving.

Canadian activist Pamela McColl testimony to the FDA on history of Health Canada and cannabis.

Testimony of homeless man, William Mack, a Washington, DC resident whose life was derailed by early marijuana use (he started at the age of 10).

We are open to submissions, if you have a science video, conference speech or personal video testimony to share please reach out to us, [email protected].

Visit our Parents Opposed to Pot YouTube channel here. Please subscribe to our channel to get notice of our latest uploads. When you share our video content you will be a part of the solution to the drug crisis! Our mission is to educate parents so they can educate their children. We can push back against this predatory industry, one parent and one child at a time.