Quilt Project Will Wake Up America

“Many Ways Marijuana Kills” Quilt is Unveiled

There is a blanket of lies covering America’s eyes to the hazards of marijuana use. One group of people knows all to well the fatal consequences of cannabis use and abuse. These are the men and women who have lost their children or siblings to the scourge of the encroaching cannabis culture. They now stitch together their tragedies into a quilt of lives lost….but never forgotten. The quilt project aims to educate the public. Yes, marijuana does kill. It kills the ones you love. And, in many different ways.

Marijuana kills with mental health impacts that lead to illness and suicide. Cannabis kills behind the wheel. It can cause heart problems which lead to death. It can addict the user.  And, most notably, it can lead to fatal poly-substance abuse or to drugs that kill by overdose, like heroin, fentanyl and opioid pharmaceuticals.

Determined to reach the hearts and minds of voters and politicians, the quilt idea was inspired by the Aids quilt project. Aids activists fashioned a real quilt which was carried around the country and which showed the world that many were falling victim to the dread disease of HIV. The coffin shaped ‘squares’ with tributes from loved ones were emblematic of the actual people who were loved and lost to the scourge of acquired immune deficiency. In contrast, the Moms Strong quilt is digital and will be used in social media to raise awareness. It can also be reproduced and displayed at conferences or made into a poster or handout. We encourage you to help ‘carry it’ around the country to get this drug prevention message out.

Reprint it, share it in social media, email it to a friend. You can help make sure these young people with so much potential didn’t die in vain.

The biggest lie told by the Pot Lobby is that ‘marijuana hasn’t killed anyone.’ This quilt refutes that untruth and gives the victim’s families a voice. A quilt is made at home with loving hands. We hope that Americans will throw off the blanket of deceptions and start making better choices on marijuana policy with this homespun quilt, instead.

Marijuana does kill and these parents are taking a stand to prove it.

Click here for a downloadable version of the Moms Strong quilt.

Thanks, for this beautiful tribute to those we have lost. Your stories will someday make the change we’d like to see in the world.