Marijuana Brain Changes: One Family Member’s Testimony

Family dysfunction caused by marijuana

I have two family members who smoked marijuana for years. And since my family is large one I know that this is the difference that has made them unlike the rest of us.  One is now in his 40s and started smoking marijuana when he was age 16, long before his brain was fully developed, in 1986. According to him, he smoked it daily for about 25 years. He still defends his old habit and is all for legalization.

He always says that marijuana is not addictive and not harmful. I always ask him if it’s not addictive, why did you smoke it daily for 25 years, and if it’s not harmful, why did you quit?

Anyway, my other relative is now in his 30s and also started smoking marijuana at age 16 in 1998. He smoked it 3-4 times a week for about 12 years. Both of them, unlike anyone else in my family, are very hot-tempered often, flying off the handle and becoming psychotically angry and sometimes violent over the most petty things. Both have memory problems and no concept of time.

Both have problems with paranoia. Both have problems with lying. Both are neglectful and abusive to their families and pets. They are incapable of thinking through things in a logical, critical manner. They both believe in irrational conspiracy theories, and the list goes on and on. Having lived with both of them for a number of years, I have noticed that even though the one who started in 1998 smoked it less often and for a fewer number of years than the one who started in 1986, these symptoms are even worse in the one who started smoking in 1998.

I know everyone’s brain is different and some marijuana smokers are affected differently than others, but I have had a feeling for a long time that the current generation of marijuana smokers is and will be worse off than their parents and grandparents because of the increased potency.

by Max