Filmmaker Explains the Marijuana Truth

Filmmaker Sets Record Straight in Statement About Marijuana

by Jody Belsher, filmmaker, The Other Side of Cannabis

TOP TEN THINGS marijuana enthusiasts say to defend this psychoactive drug:
1. It’s natural
2. It cures cancer, cannabis is good for anxiety and depression
3. It’s never killed anyone
4. I have studies to prove how good it is.
5. The anti-pot people are all prohibitionists, propagandists
6. It’s safer than alcohol
7. What’s the big deal already, let’s just legalize
8. Marijuana will make a lot of money from taxes
9. The Cartel will go away if we legalize
10. We imprison 1000’s of people from marijuana not being legal


  1. Marijuana Truth – Natural? So is arsenic and poison ivy. It tests positive for pesticides, molds and bacteria — even the organic varieties.

2. Marijuana Truth – There are no long term studies showing it cures cancer.  Any drug that is smoked can cause cancer — not cure it. If referring to CBD oil — that’s another topic. Let’s compare apples to apples and not tell our children that marijuana cures cancer, when perhaps a component of the plant may have positive effects. This gives them the message that all marijuana is good for them. Cannabis may help anxiety and depression initially, but it’s known to exacerbate and/or cause anxiety and depression disorders.

3. Marijuana Truth – Do cigarettes kill? Everyone nods an emphatic yes. Do they kill after one pack, after a carton? No. But in time, cigarettes kill. This is true for marijuana–the data will soon be available to show this trajectory. And then there’s all those who’ve died from suicide after a psychotic break, or those who’ve killed someone or themselves by drugged driving.

4. Marijuana Truth – Let’s compare studies. There are robust, reliable studies that say we don’t have conclusive evidence that marijuana is good for you. Many of the studies that make positive claims are now being debunked by checking for the study’s control measures.

5. Marijuana Truth – Name calling is huge among pro pot advocates. Let’s have true, respectful dialogue. No one is suggesting prohibition. No one has a propagandist agenda. We are concerned citizens that choose to educate so our next generations will be well informed of the negative side effects of this drug, including decrease in IQ. Nasty name calling and threats are indicative of someone who is on the defense. They are defending their drug use or their financial stakes. Who can argue when it comes to educating on negative effects of a drug–any drug–all drugs have negative effects.

6. Marijuana Truth – Why do marijuana supporters always make this comparison? Why would we ever compare the negative aspects of one drug to another? Each drug must be looked at for it’s own individual effects. It’s not an either or… it’s a what is what.

7. Marijuana Truth – What’s the big deal? It is a very big deal when we are talking about the damage to our future generations’ developing brains.

8. Marijuana Truth – Using alcohol and cigarettes as an example, these drug industries costs are far more than any benefits in taxes.

9. Marijuana Truth – The Cartel is now able to undercut in legal states, without detection. They are alive and well.

10. Marijuana Truth – We imprison people for committing crimes. Many crimes are committed while impaired by marijuana use. Our law enforcement is not out looking to arrest pot users. The stats do not prove this over zealous arresting of marijuana offenders.

We recommend purchasing Jody’s film, The Other Side of Cannabis and showing it to school and community groups.