Marijuana Addiction is Real

This is my story and among some experiences I’ve encountered with marijuana.  Marijuana addiction is real; my 17-year-old daughter started smoking marijuana consistently for almost a year.

I found out by noticing changes in her personality, cognitive behavior, energy level, diet, digestive stomach problems, and sleep patterns. I started looking through her phone which showed videos and pictures of her and friends smoking and trying marijuana in different ways through pipes, dabs, vapes, joints, etc.  Although, she’s been marijuana free for several weeks, her mind is set that it’s ok to utilize marijuana because it’s been legalized in certain states. I’m hoping and praying she changes the way she thinks. As a result, her IQ has decreased and she’s experiencing withdrawal symptoms which include insomnia, anxiety, memory problems, depression, and changes in her food cravings. She used to like healthy foods, vegetables, fruits, but now her cravings are mostly sweet foods, and junk foods.

I know some people support medical marijuana, and research shows some benefits, however I don’t believe the potential benefits are worth the potential harmful effects. Medical marijuana is also opening doors to legalizing it for recreational purposes and putting youth at risk.

I love my daughter, and that’s why I feel so strong about my opposition in regards to marijuana because of the problems it caused my family. I know I’m not alone in this battle and many of us have our share of stories and frustrations with society due to this drug war, and yes marijuana is an evil mind-altering drug and a dangerous one.

Running Away to a Very Scary Situation

My daughter had run away and ended up with some druggie who sells drugs in a bad side of town. I had tracked her phone and called police. They couldn’t find her, but then she called me crying at around 3 am — saying she was trying to get away from this guy that had a gun. He was accusing her of stealing money. I overheard him asking her “is that your mom?” I told her tell him it’s a friend; she then called 911, and was able to run and hide.  Police got there in time, but he left when they came. She gave his info but police say they can’t search his home without a warrant and he was a licensed gun owner, even though my daughter told them he had several assault looking guns on his bed and blocks of marijuana in a room.

She cried so much and said she doesn’t want to do drugs anymore. I hope she means it. My daughter has an appointment this Thursday with a chemical dependency counselor. I have never been so afraid for her life like this; I’m still crying. I had always warned her that drugs always involves violence. God saved her. Let’s pray that it works this time.