Ketogenic Diet Treats Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy

The Ketogenic Diet is a recognized and successful treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other autoimmune diseases,  but Montel Williams spoke on the floor of the Pennsylvania State Legislature last week to say he uses “medical” marijuana for MS.   Williams became upset when Rep. Matthew Baker spoke up to say the MS Society doesn’t recognize marijuana as treatment for MS.  The billion dollar marijuana industry pretends there are no other solutions to major medical conditions; they frequently play the compassion card to dupe Americans into supporting them.

The Ketogenic Diet is often a successful treatment for children with several types of epilepsy, including Dravet’s Syndrome. Studies show that 65% of children treated with the Ketogenic Diet have a reduction of seizures by more than 50%.  Ketone bodies are a primary source of energy in postnatal development, which is why this method is particularly useful for young children.  Of course, different patients respond to treatments differently. It is interesting that a website devoted to Dravet Syndrome says nothing about marijuana as a treatment but has many stories about the Ketogenic Diet.    Two stories are about cannabidiol.  In the meantime, Epidiolex is fast tracked for approval through a program at New York University and it’s available to children throughout the country.

While the United States is being led by the billion dollar marijuana industry, physicians in Canada effectively have mandated that no one under age 25 can be treated with “medical” marijuana.  “Medical” marijuana laws are dangerous and unnecessary.

“Medical” marijuana is a fad similar to the pre-frontal lobotomies used in the 1940s and 1950s. Zombie-like people came out of this ill-advised, inhumane procedure. Even some medical professionals were misguided and supported lobotomies. Similarly, since “medical” marijuana programs were initiated, we have had ill-advised recommendations resulting in death.  There are no prescriptions for “medical” marijuana, and most dispensaries don’t give the warnings that pharmacies are required by law to give.

Public opinion in favor of “medical” marijuana isn’t based on science and it appears to be creating a mental health disaster. PTSD and other mental health conditions are made worse by marijuana. The marijuana industry and their lobbying groups are trying to sidestep Federal Drug Administration approval process. They’re using and exploiting veterans and very sick people for their own gain.  It is unconscionable.

If marijuana is truly “medical,” why are they giving it names like Train Wreck, Green Kush, etc., and selling it at Planet of the Vapes?

If medical marijuana were truly medicine, then the proponents would have no problem going through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to get approval. Why shouldn’t the FDA review medical marijuana?

Are the pot lobby groups  trying to suppress information about more natural treatments – like the Ketogenic Diet — that don’t get you high?  The Ketogenic Diet is 80-90 % fat and has  limited amounts of carbohydrates  and protein.  There’s no sugar.  Energy comes from the utilization of body fat and dietary fat.  These fats convert to certain ketone bodies which are an alternative energy sources, substituting for glucose.