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There are a number of state Facebook Parents Opposed to Pot groups,  as well as the multi-state group.

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If your child is using and you need help, or if you’re trying to get off marijuana, please go to and they will provide you with a network of help.  Or,  join a Mar-Anon group.

We’re part of SAM’s Parent Action Network. Please contact PAN.

Please direct your donations to SAM or EveryBrainMatters.

Other Groups

Parent Action Network and Every Brain Matters just are just a few of the groups that unite parents and survivors of marijuana.

California:   MomsStrong represents the families of children who have died from marijuana.      AALM fights nationwide legalization.

Colorado:  One Chance to Grow Up

Johnny’s Ambassadors

National Alliance for Drug-Endangered Children

DUID Victims Voices 

Florida: Drug-Free America Foundation

Parent Movement 2.0 proposes to stop the initiation of teen substance abuse.

CADCA is a national alliance of community drug prevention networks.  SAMHSA and NIDA, federal government resources, also have good information.


Bursting the Bubble of Marijuana Hype