The arguments to promote marijuana legalization may be flying high right now, but the arguments used to justify policies in Colorado, California and Washington are nothing more than “trial balloons.”  The recent votes to legalize in Washington, DC and Oregon have multiple problems and challenges.

The marijuana industry is promoting the newest get-rich-quick scheme, and the fallout may be worse than with the mortgage industry, because it strongly affects mental health as well.

Los Angeles and Denver are overrun with marijuana stores, and commercialization is influencing the children who are fooled into thinking it’s healthy.    If we allow pro-legalization arguments to fly “high,” your state or community will be next.  Poppot is a group of parents opposed to the way the pot lobby promotes marijuana as  healthy and harmless.

Parents Opposed to Pot (Poppot.org) is designed to educate parents and children, and to prevent a nation of young marijuana users.

We expect that kids will practice risky behaviors, but it’s our job to protect them if we can. There’s not a way to predict which children will have a tragic outcome from beginning to use marijuana and other drugs.

The pressures in today’s world are intense, but we should not encourage escapism. There are ways to enjoy life without needing a crutch. Strong connection with family and community can help

From the news hub of Washington, DC,  and in the trenches of California, we’ll provide articles, videos and podcasts to publicize the problems and dangers of marijuana, and release current information.   We have supporters throughout the country.

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